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The Best Digital Agency

On providing these services with heart and soul and full commitment, J-STAR Technologies received Consumers Demand Award for “The best digital agency” in 2017 and as well as in 2018. It is all struggle and hard work which pays off in terms of success by the will of Almighty ALLAH.

J-STAR Technologies is a firm which fulfils the customers’ imagination and transform it into pleasing reality regarding their digitalization ambitions. J-STAR Technologies started their journey in 2007, with the commitment to provide the finest assistance and services in the increasing demand for software and web development industry. The satisfaction of customer made them a brand and its wingspan are now expanded internationally and recognized in many countries of the world.

J-STAR Technologies produce masterpieces of technology and development and provide the web related services like website development which includes normal websites, CMS websites, E-commerce website. They also offer the services of maintenance of the website. J-STAR GROUP OF COMPANIES also aid in graphic designing includes logo designing and brand identity. They also possess expertise in E-marketing and supply their services according to the demands.

Digital Marketing Agency in Karachi, Pakistan

J-STAR Technologies proved themselves the best since day first in their field that is the reason they are up till now because they flourish their services from time to time and made advancement and amendments according to needs of the modern era of technology.

Time has changed so does life, the evolution in technology has impacted every aspect of life and changed it completely. The field of marketing also got influenced due to this expansion of technology and changed its principles permanently. Digital and E-marketing introduced which revolutionized the way of marketing and branding of the products. It replaced the old way of marketing like the distribution of pamphlets and billboard marketing and moved them to the digital world where marketing is done on websites and advertisement are placed on them to catch the audience online.

J-STAR Technologies also adopted this new innovation and made itself a trustworthy Digital Agency. J-STAR Technologies, as a digital marketing service provider also possess a qualified team for SMM and SEO. J-STAR Technologies works on different social media websites or platform and advertise your business to the extent where you can achieve your business goals so you can prosper as your business do. Along with this, J-STAR Technologies helps the businesses in making the marketing strategy and plan to how they expand in it and suggest them about Google Ads.

Providing Expertise in Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords

J-STAR Technologies comprises also with one of the best team who is solely devoted to the handling of social media marketing as stated by the customer. The main platform for social media marketing is Facebook which is largest social networking website whose community comprises of over 2.4 billion users, so it gives a wide platform of marketing and the thing gets shared all across the globe in a matter of seconds. Social media is a global village where everyone shares their unique ideas and create awareness. Marketing through social media is very effective and easy to handle because you don’t have to be physically present there, no need to place a stall or shop no other problems to promote and waiting for the customers all day long, you just need to advertise correctly and it will bring the already present customers of the virtual world. All you need is to create attractive content and some well-managed responses, and it is done.

J-STAR GROUP OF COMPANIES Technologies team ensure that we promote and escalate the business profile where it starts gaining recognition by the help of Facebook ads. Not just only Facebook, we also create and manage pages on different social media networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google account page, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. according to the demands and the selected packages. J-STAR Technologies offers 3 categories of the package with different utilities and can also set up and handle YouTube channels (if included in the package).

Digital Marketing team of J-STAR Technologies also work on Google AdWords. It is a Google advertising service. It is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising platform and gives two ways to reach people, the first one is the Google search network and second is the Google display network. Google search network enables to show your ads when someone is searching using the keywords selected by you and it will put it on the top, so it increases the chances that the user will visit you. This system works on the principle of Pay-per-click (PPC) where you basically get charged for the clicks that take users to your website. Pay-per-click advertisement is really amazing when

you want to put your brand on the top for the targeted audience. J-STAR Technologies team also got a firm grip on   this section too, they plan and manage these ads in the most advantageous and efficient way, for this purpose the team uses an AdWords keyword planner. AdWords keywords tool used as a workshop for creating new search network campaign and planner is also used for searching keywords and see how the list of a keyword might perform. The team of J-STAR Technologies utilize this tool in a productive way and use it to choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns with the critical analysis of CPC (Cost-per-click) on these ads. In the end, a wholesome report is made which is presented to the customer about all the activities carried out during the course of time.

Procedure We Follow To Deliver The Best

To be the best digital agency, we always follow some procedures and try to deliver the best to our client. First, we audit the website and social accounts of the client to create a report of errors and missing points, then we make a monthly KPI for every client. After signing, from the first day our professional team works according to the KPI and deliver as we commit. We believe that by setting a KPI we can deliver the best of our services and client can easily measure our performance.

Our Assets On Social Media

Social Media is not only post something on daily basis, but it is very important that every amazing design reaches to maximum numbers of people. J-STAR Technologies owns the traffic of almost 1 Million users on Facebook, which is our strength to spread the message to the large market.

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